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Rádio Gumbé

Rádio Gumbé

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"Rádio Gumbé"Playlist :

  • Djon Motta - Djon Motta - 05 Sarah - Zoom [2013] [sL] iTunes
  • Nito Costa - Nito Costa - 04 Papa Guiné - Bissau Nha Fé na Bô [2013] iTunes
  • Heitor Sampaio - Heitor Sampaio - 06 Foronta - Cheque Falso [2012] iTunes
  • Dj João Vaz - Guiné-Bissau Zouk 7 [7] iTunes
  • Karim Kasiel - Karim Kasiel - 06 Badjudacinho - Upgraded to The Dance Floor [2013] iTunes
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  • Format: MP3 Stream 128kbps